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Boiler Specialists for Cheltenham, Gloucester and the surrounding Cotswolds.  PBT's Gas Safe and Oftec registered engineers can install, repair and service your boiler and heating system


Our Gas Safe and OFTEC registered boiler specialists work with oil as well as gas boilers. Our electrical team can install a thermostat or smart control to make your heating run efficiently to a timetable that suits you.

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+ New boiler installations

Need a new boiler installed? We understand the importance of boilers in everyday modern lives and we only install energy efficient ones. Our boiler specialists help you establish which A-rated boiler is suitable for your property and all come with a long warranty.

Sometimes a boiler replacement is just a straight forward new boiler in the same location. Other times we may need to plan new pipework to move it to a new location. Our engineers can help you in either scenario.

We would recommend coupling your new boiler with a thermostat or smart controller, to maximise efficiency and minimise heating costs.

Call us on 0800 433 7020 to discuss your requirements.

+ Boiler Servicing

Do you find you only get your boiler looked at when something goes wrong? If so, you’re not on your own. Often boilers only get TLC when something goes wrong. This is understandable, however if you have your boiler regularly maintained and serviced it can help reduce running costs and potentially prevent failures when you need it the most. At PBT we advocate prevention rather than cure – looking after your boiler with an annual service will pay off in the long run.

With a regular maintenance check by one of our qualified engineers, not only will it give you peace of mind, but it can improve the boiler’s overall performance too.  In addition, it is worth remembering that the warranty on your boiler may only be valid if you have a proven record of annual services.

Don’t forget, a Gas Safety Check is a legal requirement if you have a tenanted property.

During your boiler service, a PBT engineer will:

  • check over the boiler and flame, if possible
  • assess the flue (externally and internally)
  • look at the operating pressure and/or heat input
  • ensure the safety devices are all working
  • see that the case seals form an effective seal
  • review the boiler casing looking at the main components (burner, heat exchanger, main injector, spark/sensor probe)
  • ensure the boiler fires safely, to identify any working faults
  • look at the boiler parts, cleaning where necessary

After the service has been completed we can provide you with a service report detailing everything the PBT boiler specialist has done.