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Electrical Specialists

In keeping with the ethos of PBT Installations, the main focus for our electricians is renewable technologies. That is why we call them electrical specialists -because the work is often highly specific and technical. Our experts are qualified in these technologies and have sat on many manufacturer courses. They have worked on many installs of heat pumps and underfloor heating. Importantly, they also keep up with the fast changing industry and innovations.

We do, of course, offer general electrical services too. Our electricians work independently or together with our plumbers and heating engineers, so that we can offer complete room or house renovations.

+ Renewable Energy Solutions

Heat Pump - renewable energy solution

With years of experience and qualifications, our electricians are just the people to wire up your heat pump. With electrical charge powering your heat pump, it is essential to the installation that a specialist electrician undertakes the wiring. Not just any electrician can do this… ours can.

PBT electricians are also on hand to wire your electric underfloor heating. We can install underfloor heating under any floor surface.

+ Smart controllers

Smart home controls

Home automation is more and more prevalent now. It allows you to control virtually every aspect of your home or work comfort from your smart phone or tablet. This includes lighting, heating controls, security, blinds, music and energy management. Our electrical specialists are qualified in the installation of these controllers.

Furthermore, by implementing solutions such as dimmers, occupancy sensors, whole house lighting control and blind controls, we can dramatically reduce your energy consumption.

+ Electrical Testing

Upgrade your electrics to modernise your home - PBT Installations

Unfortunately, electrical testing is very often viewed as a box ticking exercise, with faults often going undiscovered and home occupants subsequently being left at risk. At PBT, our testing is thorough. All fixed wiring gets checked, including lights, switches, sockets and fuse board, ensuring you can sleep soundly.

+ Complete electrical redesign

Modern rewire

After assessing your electrics, we can easily repair smaller faults and issues. We can troubleshoot and repair existing wiring systems in your home or workplace. Moreover, if substantial work is needed, we offer a complete electrical redesign, installation and upgrade service. Our rewiring not only caters for your existing electrical requirements, but also helps you futureproof your home.

+ replacement fuse boards

Upgrade your electrics to modernise your home - PBT Installations

PBT’s specialist electricians can replace old or faulty fuse boards / consumer units and additional circuits. We can implement a range of electrical installations suitable for single rooms through to whole houses, new builds and renovations.

+ Efficient lighting

Converting to LED bulbs will make your lighting more energy efficient. LED lights provide instant, flicker-free lighting which runs at a much lower, safer temperature than traditional CLF bulbs. Above all, this can save you significant amounts of money on your electric bill.