Heating, Plumbing & Electrical Services

From installing new boilers, servicing existing boilers and other general heating, plumbing and electrical services, PBT are your integrated specialists.

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Heating + Plumbing

+ New boiler install

Need a new boiler installed? Explore energy efficient boilers from leading manufacturers.

+ Boiler servicing

Your boiler will be more efficient if it is serviced regularly; prevention rather than cure is our motto.

+ Renewables

If you need an electrician, be assured that at PBT all of our electricians are NAPIT registered.


+ Rewire

After assessing your electrics, we offer a complete electrical design, installation and upgrade service. This includes rewires, replacement fuse boards / consumer units and additional circuits.

+ Efficient Lighting

Converting to LED bulbs will make your lighting more energy efficient. LED lights provide instant, flicker-free lighting which runs at a much lower, safer temperature than traditional CLF bulbs.