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At PBT Installations, we are specialist installers of smart automation solutions for the home or workplace. We can save you money by incorporating the latest technology to dramatically change the way you live and work.


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Over the last few years, the concept of ‘smart home automation’ has become increasingly familiar.

In fairly simple terms, it means applying new technologies to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of existing elements in your property. At the same time, enhancing user experience and providing operational insights.

If desired, you can control your lighting, heating controls, security, blinds, music and energy management, all from your smart device or phone. Best of all, this gives you control not just while in your house, but away from home.

A truly automated smart home requires its infrastructure to be professionally designed and installed by smart home specialists. We can work with any system, but we specialise in Loxone, industry leaders who create smart homes that take care of more than 50,000 tasks a year.

Smart Home Automation, controllable from your smart phone


Blinds and lighting can be controlled remotely or by timer meaning the house looks inhabited even when empty. Enhanced security gives peace of mind.

Heating can be controlled in different rooms or areas of your home. You may want to keep an unused part cool while warming living areas. Targeted heating saves you money.

Multiroom audio means you can have the same music playing in different rooms simultaneous. Alternatively, you have different sounds playing in different areas, at different volumes.

Smart lighting means lights can turn on when you enter a room, and turn off as you leave. The correct lighting ‘mood’ will automatically be applied, taking into account the natural light in the room.

Your blinds or curtains can automatically cover your window if the room gets too warm. Smart technology is all about your comfort.

You can combine lighting, heating and shading to optimise your energy management, keeping costs as low as possible and reducing your impact on the environment.

Smart security doesn’t just protect against break ins, but also against fires and water leaks. In addition, it keeps your data private. Security is multifaceted.

+ Home automation INFRASTRUCTURE

We do not believe that simply installing smart home technology equates to a truly ‘smart home’.

In reality, the underlying infrastructure of a household will create the foundations for a smart home.

With the right infrastructure, we can create a fully integrated smart home that incorporates heating, lighting and security. You won’t have to co-ordinate multiple devices every day; the functions of your smart home will work in harmony.

Here at PBT Installations, our qualified engineers create smart homes that work to their full potential. With the right foundation, a smart home is a future-proof investment that will make life easier for you and your family.

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