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Renewable energy sources

From installing heat pumps, solar PV and rainwater harvesting, to name but a few PBT are your integrated specialists when it comes to renewable energy sources and alternative energy generation.


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Renewable energy sources - PBT Installations

Alternative Energy

We use tried and tested renewable energy sources and technologies to protect our environment and help you save money. We can help guide you through the funding that is available for renewables to determine the Return on Investment for your project. Our objective is to enhance energy efficiency, ensuring significant savings. Our core smart renewables operation is focused on energy conservation.

+ heat pumps

  • Heat pumps provide a cost-effective alternative to oil, LPG, gas or electrical heating systems. They can be installed in almost any type of property.
  • Heat pumps are classified as renewable because they generate up to four times more heat than the electrical energy they consume.
  • Having been used in Europe for many years, heat pumps are a tried and tested technology.
  • The heat pump technology ensures that heat is transferred into the heating and water system of the building.
  • Whether it’s ground or air source heat pumps, we can recommend the best type for your requirements.
  • Furthermore, both type of pump works well with underfloor heating.

+ Solar PV

  • Solar PV is a system that generates electricity through the power of sunshine.
  • A large proportion of your daylight electricity consumption can be provided by PV panels.
  • Any unused solar electricity can be exported back to The Grid for which you will receive payment.
  • Driven by advances in technology and increases in manufacturing scale, the cost of PV is continuously declining.
  • Given our expertise, we can advise you on the best Solar PV solution for your property.

+ rainwater harvesting

  • Saving rainwater to reuse elsewhere, known as rainwater harvesting is becoming a popular, ‘natural’ form of renewable energy.
  • Usually collected in water butts and containers to reuse in the garden, rainwater harvesting has other uses if collected and stored correctly.
  • With minimal treatment, rainwater can be used not only for garden watering, but washing machines and toilet flushing.
  • This could save you a large proportion of your household water use.

Our smart solutions:

If you’re interested in reducing your energy costs and carbon footprint, we provide a free consultation where we can discuss your requirements.