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Smart home blog

PBT Installations design and implement innovative technology solutions that deliver greater energy efficiency and help you to live and work smarter.

Our blog discusses traditional heating problems and the latest trends in smart technology.

Keep reading to find out how to make your home or business work smarter for you.

smart home blog - PBT Installations, Cheltenham, Cotswolds

Our Top Tips To Keep Your Boiler Running

PBT Installations, boiler engineers and heating system experts based in Gloucestershire, can help you to optimise the efficiency of your boiler and reduce its running costs. Follow these simple steps: Annual Service – Make sure that your boiler is serviced once every...

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Which boiler is right for your home?

Boilers are a long-term investment that require yearly maintenance. Therefore, it stands to reason that the boiler you purchase should be suitable for your home. Keep reading to learn more about the different types of boiler that are on the market today. Combi boilers...

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Choose the right electrician!

Depending on the electrical work you need doing, it is worth considering the experience of the electrician you choose to hire. The standard of work completed will often depend on their experience and qualifications. Ensure they are reputable - Generally,...

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How can smart lighting save you money?

As we explored in last month’s blog post, lighting accounts for 15% of the average household’s electricity bill. Therefore, it is always worth trying to save energy wherever possible. In this blog post, we will explain how smart lighting can save you...

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Why should you convert your light bulbs to LEDs?

According to the The Energy Saving Trust, lighting accounts for 15% of the average household’s electricity bill. Over the winter period, it can feel like your lights are on from dawn until dusk. Not only will this lump you with a soaring energy bill, it...

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Winter boiler problems

Having been relatively inactive over the summer, boilers are prone to suffering from breakdowns when they are forced back to life over the long winter period.

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Has your boiler seen its last winter?

It might be controversial, but we think that the last week of November officially hails the arrival of Christmas. As you read this, trees are assembled, festive lights are switched on and decorations are taken out of dusty attics. The frosty mornings and...

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5 top tips to heat your home over the winter

At this time of year, the prospect of maintaining your heating can be unpleasant. A cold house is horrible, but no-one wants to be out of pocket either. While certain investments are important for long-term energy efficiency, making minor adjustments...

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Why you should monitor your energy usage

Nowadays, many businesses are perceived as faceless entities. Here at PBT, we aim to challenge that perception. We consider ourselves consumers just as much as tradespeople. After all, everyone needs their boiler serviced every now and then. We want to...

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