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On average, lighting accounts for 20% of a household’s electricity bill. In 2020, the average UK electricity bill was £705 per annum, which equates to over £140 just on lighting! It is always possible to save money by trying to change our habits, but modern technologies can also assist us. In this blog post, we will explain how smart lighting can save you money.

Smart lighting: Motion detectors

Have you ever walked into a public toilet where the lights turn on automatically?

The most common type of smart lighting is motion detectors. These are often found in large commercial spaces like restaurants, but are also perfectly suited to the home. It’s a luxury to not have to find a light switch as you enter a room, and importantly, you don’t have to remember to turn the lights off as you leave. While it’s always good to make a conscious effort to save energy, motion detectors are a reliable and consistent technology. This is particularly useful for large families with children running in and out of different rooms.

Smart lighting: Remote lighting

Another form of smart lighting is remote lighting, which provides the ability to control your lighting from a smartphone or tablet. Like motion detectors, this can save you money on a daily basis. For example, you might have left for work on a dark morning and realised that you’ve left a light on. Instead of wasting energy, you can simply turn the light off via your phone. Simply sync your lights to your provider’s companion app and you’re ready to go.

This technology has additional security benefits. The ability to control your lighting remotely allows you to give the illusion that your house is inhabited, even while you are away.

LED light bulbs

It’s always worth upgrading to LED bulbs if you haven’t done so already. LED bulbs offer instant, flicker-free light which run at a much lower, safer temperature than halogen bulbs. They also last between 20-25 times longer than a typical halogen bulb. In addition, there is the ecological perspective. If you were to replace all bulbs with LED lights, in the average UK home you could reduce your carbon dioxide emissions by approximately 65kg a year. This is equivalent to the carbon dioxide emitted by driving a car for 220 miles.

What else should I consider?

Just as smart lighting can greatly reduce your energy usage, it is also worth considering how other smart systems would facilitate further savings in your household. For instance, smart heating controls allow you to control the heating in different areas of your home.

However, we do not believe that you should create a smart home with lots of different gadgets. To truly future-proof your home, you should ensure that you have the necessary infrastructure in place. Call us for further details or to discuss your requirements.

Smart lighting - PBT Installations - Can smart lighting save you money?
Smart lighting – PBT Installations – Can smart lighting save you money?