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Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the past decade or two, it’s fair to assume that smart technology plays a big part in your life. Now that smartphones are compact enough to live in our pockets, we rely on them for timekeeping and day-to-day communication more than ever. According to Deloitte’s latest Mobile Consumer Survey, two-thirds of 16 to 19 year-old-olds feel compelled to check their phone at night. However, smartphone use is no longer exclusive to younger generations. The same survey reported that 71% of UK adults over the age of 55 own a similar device.

Why have smartphones taken off in such a big way? Firstly, I think we can all agree that technological innovation makes our lives easier. You can contact a friend or family member within a matter of seconds, and reach a location map-free in minutes. Smart technology has enabled us to streamline nearly everything we do, saving time and money in the process.

Why should you invest in smart technology?

Interestingly, however, Smart Home automation still has a reputation for being futuristic and expensive. Despite this, a recent OnePoll study conducted by blinds specialist Thomas Sanderson has revealed that over a third (35%) of UK adults aged 55+ have integrated smart technology within their homes. Like owning a smartphone, Smart Home technology can make your life much easier. Not only is the ability to control your heating from a phone or tablet extremely handy, it can also save you money. Reducing the temperature in your home by just one degree can save a staggering 8% on heating costs.

Over winter, many people dream of arriving home to a cosy, pre-heated house after work. Smarter Heating enables you to assign different heating zones to rooms using additional thermostats. Instead of heating the whole house, you can save money by only heating the rooms that are in use. Here at PBT Installations, we regularly install Honeywell Lyric T-Series Thermostats. With the Lyric app, you could monitor your heating from across the country. You can control the Thermostat with your smartphone so that your home is perfectly heated upon your arrival.

Sounds good, right? The investment doesn’t have to end there. Customers that install Smart Lighting control can reduce their energy bills by a whopping 40%. With decorative devices like dimmers and blind controls on the market, this can be optimised to suit your tastes. However, the aim of Smart Lighting is to save energy. Better for the environment, better for you. With occupancy sensors and whole house lighting controls, you can be the true master of your energy usage.

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