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Jaga radiators

Today we met Jaga UK. Jaga is devoted to developing efficient heating, cooling and ventilation systems that use less energy and fewer raw materials. Innovative design means that their radiators work well with heat pumps and low flow temperature heating systems.

An image of a Jaga radiator installed in a home setting

These radiators are a different design which means they provide excellent output at low flow temperatures. Jaga LST radiators incorporate an energy-efficient Low-H2O heat exchanger. This is enclosed safely inside, preventing the outer casing surface temperature exceeding 43°C. By comparison, standard steel panel type radiators can reach surface temperatures of 75°C or higher, depending on the boiler output temperature, making Jaga radiators an excellent, safe choice when designing for public buildings, or family homes.

Jaga radiators are lightweight, using only a tenth of the water of standard steel panel radiators when filled. In addition, they are smaller in size, faster to respond and generate lower fuel bills. This makes them up to 15% more efficient than traditional radiators. Fan assisted DBE (Dynamic Boost Effect) technology means air flow and heat output levels are easily boosted to quickly and efficiently meet occupants’ temperature needs . DBE technology can also be used to provide comfort cooling, perfect in summer to help to keep rooms at an ideal temperature.

The main water ways are made of copper meaning they don’t rust and clog up the system. They come with a 30 year guarantee meaning lower repair and replacement costs for a home owner.

We look forward to building our relationship with Jaga and installing more of their products in future.