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Following 10 years in the industry trading as PBT Installations installing and servicing boilers and heat pumps, Pete and his team are confident that the future of home heating lies in heat pump technology.
We favour engineering from the continent where heat pumps have been widely used for several decades. The technologies we use have been purpose designed and offer first class efficiency even at temperatures significantly sub-zero. Many of our installations use Stiebel Eltron, a heat pump manufacturer who have been providing highly efficient, German engineered appliances for over 40 years.

Our experienced team work to the highest standards from initial consultation through to aftercare support. Consultations with PBT are appropriate and informative with no obligation. Heating systems designed by PBT are bespoke, based on accurate heat loss calculations and using quality technologies. PBT Installations are carried out by experienced, qualified technicians. Our experts provide technical support using online portals, meaning many issues can be rectified even without a callout. All of our heat pump installations are approved by the Microgeneration Certifications Scheme, a nationally recognised quality assurance scheme for installers and manufacturers of renewable technologies.

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Our Approach

Appropriate sales: We know that a heat pump is not the correct solution for every property. We will tell you honestly whether the technology is a good fit for you.

True economy: We will not install cheap units which fail to provide reliability or durability.
Quality technology affords you savings in your energy bills over time.

Bespoke solutions: Every property is unique and requires a unique heating solution. Our multi-skilled team design a solution tailor-made to meet your requirements.

Sustainability Technologies: that work to reduce our carbon emissions have always been at the heart of what we do. A badly manufactured heat pump or poorly designed heating system will not significantly reduce your energy usage. Quality units and experienced designers ensure that our installations look after the planet, not just your bills.

Forward thinking: In a very fast moving industry, it’s important that engineers are aware of all relevant technology and options. We use our knowledge and experience to choose modern solutions that provide affordable and sustainable comfort for your future.

Ongoing support: Our service extends beyond installation. We offer aftercare support which covers services, maintenance and trouble shooting as standard.

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Call us for more information 01242 323923

We work directly for property owners and self builders, as well as for project managers and with other trades.

If you’d like to know more, contact us or email us with a brief enquiry and a copy of your EPC if you have one and we’ll be in touch. Alternatively, call us for a no obligation discussion about your property and requirements.