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How to choose the right installation team?

When you start the process of thinking about installing a heat pump, it can be very overwhelming to know where to start. There are many companies out there offering installation and tempting customers with too good to be true pricing.

Heat pumps have been available in the UK for many years, and with recent increases in publicity and with government funding available to help with the cost, there has also been a rise in the number of installers but which ones will do a good job? Who should you trust?

MCS approved Installers

PBT Installations are MCS approved installers, meaning that we are have been certified through an accredited body (NAPIT) that we are able in install to industry standards of quality and safety.

Currently, the government is offering financial incentives to many people who install renewable energy heating solutions, such as heat pumps, in their homes or businesses. These incentives are offered through the Boiler Upgrade Scheme (BUS), and are only eligible for installations carried out by MCS certified installers. The installers should be able to provide you with an MCS certification number and must be listed as approved contractors on the MCS database of installers.


Choosing an installer with proven experience is always going to be reassuring when making an investment like this. PBT Installations have been installing heat pumps for almost a decade, and we have a number of projects you can view including the owners’ own home!

Which heat pump should I install?

This decision should always begin with an accurate heat loss calculation. An experienced installer should be able to take this information and then correctly size the heat pump for your property. All too often, we see heat pumps installed which are massively oversized (and therefore more costly) for the property and its demands, purely because the installer has not carried out an accurate calculation, or has not followed the subsequent recommendation.

Customers should be confident in the brand of heat pump their installer is recommending, checking specifications for such things as efficiency (measured in CoP) and noise level. PBT Installations chooses to install Stiebel Eltron heat pumps, German designed technology from a manufacturer that has been established for over 100 years. In choosing to only install one brand of heat pump, we are confident in our relationship with the supplier and our knowledge of the product.

Heat pump installed to help create a low energy property
Can I talk to someone about heat pumps?

Of course…. Our team are passionate about the job we do and the difference heat pumps can make to the environment. Give the office a ring, or send an email and we will ensure you have all the answers you need to move forward with your installation.

What happens next?

What happens next is up to you.. If you are interested in moving forward with an installation, please get in touch with the office, send over your plans and we can go from there!