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Loxone -Energy Management

PBT Installations is proud to work with Loxone as our preferred Energy Management System. When building a property from ground up, there is potential to use an Energy Management System to flexibly alter patterns in energy usage and reduce your costs.

Loxone looks at how a property uses energy and where savings can be made. It does this by predicting the best times to use energy for routine tasks such as running washing machines and charging electric cars, based on spot pricing and weather patterns. It also factors in the daily routines of the property occupants by monitoring presence in rooms of the house and adjusting to accommodate.

Due to holistic monitoring and energy management, the system can prioritise and reschedule appliances in the most cost-effective and energy-efficient way. For example, it’s cheaper to charge electric cars or run the dishwasher during the night than in the early evening when the cost of electricity is at its highest.

If you are interested in talking to us about how energy management can be used in your property, please get in touch.