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Comfort cooling with Heat Pumps

An energy efficient radiator is shown in a bedroom

With British summers getting hotter, we are starting to look at ways to cool houses. Heat pump technology can be used both to heat your home in the winter but also offer comfort cooling in summer. Comfort cooling is a term which refers to reducing the temperature of the property using cold water.

As well as being compatible with traditional radiators, heat pumps also work well with newer technology coming onto the market. These newer technologies mean the space the radiator takes up is decreasing whilst the heating output is maintained. We are working with Jaga, who offer fan assisted radiators which require less surface space than a traditional radiator. They can be built into walls and use fans on top of the unit to help push the warm or cold air around the room resulting in better air circulation which helps to influence temperature.PBT Installations recommend the installation of these fan assisted radiators in the upper levels of your home to circulate cooler air and help to keep bedrooms at a lower temperature during warmer weather.