Every heat pump we install has a unique story, and each installation is
carefully considered by our team to get the best outcome for the home
owner to efficiently heat their property. This project had some interesting challenges!

Choosing the Right Heat Pump for the Project

Andrew approached us to discuss his
requirements for a renovation project for his house and annexe. To achieve what Andrew wanted for his property, we designed and installed 2 x WPE-I 12 Premium Ground Source Heat Pumps from Stiebel Eltron. The system also comprised a
400l buffer and 400l hot water cylinder. This was designed to provide
the property and annexe with sufficient heating and hot water.

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How Did PBT Installations Help?

The most interesting aspect of this job was that we harnessed heat
from a river running through the property’s grounds. Using the ground source heat
pumps with an additional pumping station and a heat exchanger, we adapted the technology to remove heat from the running water. River
water gets pumped through the system and then returned further downstream. Importantly, the returned water is completely clean and does not get contaminated in any way from the process.

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Why Were PBT Installations Chosen?

We embraced the technical challenge of using the newest water source heat pumps in production to efficiently harness heat from the river to provide a comfortable heating system and help Andrew achieve his requirements. Andrew was happy with the professional attitude of the team from start to finish and felt reassured that he was in safe hands throughout the process.

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